Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

SlenderWall is a Hi-Performance
Total Building Envelope Solution

  • Lower Structural Costs
  • Fewer On-Site Trades
  • Faster Installation
  • Class "A" Finishes

Available from the finest Architectural Precasters

What is SlenderWall?

SlenderWall Precast Concrete Cladding PanelsSlender Wall Architectural Cladding Wall

Our exterior cladding system combines four proven technologies to create a single, cost-efficient solution. These technologies include: architectural precast concrete, PVA fiber reinforcing, stainless-steel headed anchors and heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel studs.

Compared to architectural precast concrete, SlenderWall cladding is 66% lighter in weight. It reduces foundation and superstructure requirements and also lowers shipping and installation costs. Our exterior precast concrete cladding is isolated from the structural stresses associated with wind loading (tested to 226mph), steel frame movement, seismic shock and expansion and contraction.

Optional features of our exterior wall cladding panels include: factory-installed windows and continuous closed-cell foam insulation; plus our proprietary H2Out advanced sealant joint rainscreen and leak detection system.

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